Comfort Comes First


Don’t just Buy it.. Make it Personal with Yours Personally


Comfort is the most important factor when buying a new sofa if you ask us ! Nobody likes an uncomfortable sofa. You can spend quite some time on your sofa over the years so why not get it right the first time. When buying a stock piece we recommend to sit in it and make sure you feel comfortable from head to toe !

Make sure to sit in the piece like you sit at home, so if your legs are normally under you, sit like that. We all know you won’t be sitting straight and pretty when watching movies with the family.

With Yours Personally the sofa is made FOR YOU. All of the measurements are designed around you, so the sofa fits you perfectly ! We’re not called the comfort specialist for nothing.

If you wish to book an appointment to see one of our Designers to discuss your bespoke sofa call 012301260

  • Where is your head resting ?
  • Is the back high enough or supportive enough ?
  • Is the arm high enough ?
  • Is the seat too deep/shallow for you ?
  • What are the seat cushion and are they the most comfortable for you ?
  • Is the sofa high enough ? 
  • Is it long enough to allow you to lie down if you wish ?