Why choose Re-Upholstery

  • Re-upholstery avoids the costly mistakes of buying the wrong size piece. We all know someone who has bought a sofa only to find when it is delivered that it is too big for the space or worse can't fit through the doors into the house. Re-upholstering your existing furniture means you know how your piece fits in the room already. 


  • Re-upholstery and recovery affords you the opportunity to change the appearance of the piece in more ways than just the fabric choice. It is possible to alter the form of the piece to change the shape of the arms, backs etc. The cushions can be reshaped and altered to give cleaner sharper lines. New legs, skirts and accessories can be added to create a new piece with all the attractions and comforts of the original. All while saving the cost of a brand new suite. 
  • Re-upholstery means you can regain the comfort of your tried and tested sofa. The comfort and familiarity will be present in your reupholstered piece. Modifications and alterations can be added in with ease. How often have we heard the phrase “ My new suite is just not as comfortable as the old one “


  • Re-upholstery is recycling and helps us all with our carbon footprint. The reuse of the existing frames reduces the impact on our forests and recovering allows the removal of older more harmful materials and their replacement with greener, more sustainable materials. 
  • Re-upholstery reduces the amount of time waiting for your new piece. With furniture delivery times running to a 6 week wait your sofa could be recovered in as little as six to eight days. This allows for the furniture to be out of the house and recovered while the room receives a freshening up. 
  • Re-upholstery assures the quality of the furniture’s frame as it has already stood the test of time and can be strengthened and returned to the as new condition while the work is being carried out. This will ensure the piece will last for another generation. 

Lastly and most importantly the most important question to most clients is how cost effective re-upholstery is. When a client approaches us on this subject our response is you will always save at least a third on the cost of buying a similar piece of furniture. This is completely in the clients control as it is the fabric cost that determines the final price. A reasonably priced, hard wearing fabric that ranges between thirty five and sixty euro per yard or a design led fabric can cost up to two hundred euro per yard.